CE Hands on Workshops

It took me a year to go through the process of formulating a teachable workshop, researching to write a manual, and finally quiet the inner voices that made me question my worthiness to teach others in my profession. In the end it boiled down to me wanting to share my years of experience and the diversity my career has taken with other LMTs.

As of 2017 I have started offering hands on continuing education workshops. Contact me for more information on workshop dates. 

In an effort to help keep continuing education affordable I offer the price range ( or donation range) of $50-$125; allowing participants to pay what  they can afford. For credit card payments you may use this link:


Workshop registration form may be printed from this link:


As a working LMT we all encounter certain clients where the session feels off, in turn, throwing us off our game. Whether it is a new client, a repeat, or the special client we have been seeing for years; sometimes, no matter what we do, there is the impression of the client not fully allowing, not being open to the work we are trying to do. Or, there is the need on our part to alter what we are doing and pull out different "tools" from our "tool belt." 

I have encountered this time and time again and was the motivation behind combining these techniques to assist clients in opening up and getting through the guarding barrier.

Opening the body - deep tissue with acupuncture is a 4 hour hands workshop where:

  • Students will develop a flexible treatment plan
  • Students will have an increase in palpation skills: be able to palpate trigger points, palpate major muscles from origin to insertion, and decipher different tissue types
  • Location of key trigger points
  • Location of meridians and associated key pressure points
  • Practical application of combining listed modalities to incorporate in a massage therapy session
  • Incorporate proper body mechanics and self-care for LMT and clients